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state of the art liquid waste tankers

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3R Solutions provide non-hazardous vacuum tankers for long and short term hire from our depots in North England and Scotland. The tankers have 32,000litre gross capacity aluminum tank mounted on lightweight steel chassis. The tankers have a donkey engine or can be powered from a wet kit on the unit. All tankers are fitted as standard with

  • 520CFM pump with large capacity siliencer,
  • internal baffles,
  • sight glass with ball valve for ease of cleaning
  • 500mm cylinfical low level entry manway fitted to centre of the rear dish
  • 4in manual inlet
  • 6in manual outlet
  • Presuure / vacuum relief valves.


We welcome enquiries about our Waste Management Services, Tanker Hire and Consultancy. Please follow the link below to complete your enquiry and our team will endeavour to return your enquiry within 24 working hours.